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I know, this again :wink: I have been using it for research images and whatnot, but tried to get to discourse through it and was told I needed to upgrade IE. When I launch (the real, through Windows, not through Rhino) IE both 64 and 32bit, I am running 11, but when I check via whatbrowser.org/intl/en/ in Rhino Web Browser it appears that I am using IE 7.

Any ideas where Rhino is finding this old version of IE and how I can point it correctly?


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(Dale Fugier) #2

Internet Explorer (IE) 7 is the default rendering mode for embedded IE controls (for compatibility reasons). You can use the FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION registry key to change this if you want.

To run WebBrowser in IE11 Standards Mode, add the following new value into the registry:

   \Internet Explorer

Name: "rhino.exe"
Value: 11000 (decimal) or 0x2af8 (hex)


Perfect, thank you very much.


Hi Dale,
Is it possible using Chrome as a default Rhino browser? If so, how do I change it?


(Dale Fugier) #5

Sorry, no.