Open Hyperlinks in Rhino's WebBrowser pane

After 5 years, can I still not have the Rhino Web browser use Chrome? I have items in a file that have hyperlinks and when I click them to open they do open in Chrome but I would rather have them open in the Rhino Web browser window especially when doing a Skype screen share session. Any progress made on this?

Hi @jodyc111,

This is a completely different issue than what is discussed above. But I can see why you’d want this. I’ve logged an issue.

– Dale

Right Dale,

I had started a new topic on just my issue but the ‘similar issues’ window showed me this thread so I read through it and just revived it with my recent thoughts. Didn’t really think that it would mean anything and the little wizard asked " Revive this topic?

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Anyway, put this in a new thread if you think and lets see what comes of it.