Rhino v5 and Visual Studio 2017

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I have just installed VS 2017 and I followed the step by step rhino instructions in the “Getting Started” section here : https://developer.rhino3d.com/guides/rhinocommon/.

The problem is that I have Rhino5 installed, and VS2017 only provides RhinoCommon templates for v6. So I get this error when I build and run the template (see tutorial my first Plugin for Windows) :

I have tried to download the .vsix package of RhinoCommon for v5, but when I try to install it, it fails because it expects Visual Studio 2015.

What should I do ?

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You don’t need a template at all. All you need to do is referencing the libraries manually (set local copy to false) and target/set the right dot net framework (4.0 in Rh 5). So you should only need to modify your v6 template project. I don’t remember the exact steps. Hopefully somebody else is giving a better explanation. But maybe downloading VS2015 is the better alternative…

It seems that only two files are missing in the “references” of my VS solution : Eto and Rhino.UI.


If I look at the path property of the RhinoCommon reference for example I see this :

Any idea what path I could indicate for my missing Eto and Rhino.UI file pathes ?

Remove them, you don’t need them.

Finally I installed VS 2012 and the RhinoCommon v5 wizard. This works fine. I’m just a bit amazed by the quantity of code in that example (MyFirstPlugin), that just draws a line. I understand this is for the purpose of presenting the general case of writing commands etc… But it looks really like a lot more of informatic concepts for someone who is just used to Scripting like me.

Hi @tanguy.prevost,

Since you are developing for V5, you’ll want to reference this:




– Dale