Rhino Trial License counting of the 90 days

Hello all,

I’m currently a Rhino licensed software user and while I wanted to raise more attention to other potential user within my company I told some of my colleagues to at least give it a try first and then discuss increasing the number of already existing licenses.
I would like to know if the 90 days are counted from the moment you download the installation package or from the moment you install it and start using it for the first time?
The reason for my question is that I am trying to give one colleague a file and he told me that is license is already expired when he only started to use it from about a month ago. However he also told me that he made the download longer ago.
Would this make any difference, or is there something wrong with the licensing?
How could I still let him test it with the trial model?

Thank you in advance.
Great software by the way.

Hi Bruno -

The evaluation period begins when Rhino is downloaded. We have no way of knowing when someone installs or start using it.

An expired evaluation is still fully functional. It’s only saving / exporting, and the use of plug-ins that is disabled.

Yes, however the use of plugins is what I was looking to show the use case since I am trying to explain the capabilities and advantages of using Grasshopper inside of Rhino.
Sad to ear that there is no way to really count from the actual first use of the software.
In a company like the one I work there are about 1300 engineers and I was pushing to introduce them the possibilities of Rhino/Grasshopper fro their daily business. Unfortunately the only way to convince them is by letting them do the path by themselves even if I would give them some guidance, but I won’t get to accomplish it unless I first raise the proper awareness of a smaller group that will then convince other on the investment side.

Thank you for your immediate answer

I would think that a company with 1300 engineers is big enough to absorb the cost of a single seat of Rhino for R&D purposes. Put the license on the Zoo and let numerous engineers test the product (at different times of course). Then there are no limitations, and the other engineers can see Rhino’s full potential.


Actually, the 90-day evaluation timer starts when you request the key and it is generated for you.
It has nothing to do with downloading the installer, running the installer, or starting Rhino.

…yes it would be easy if either you or I would have to make such decision. I agree 100%.

Thank you John.
I would think that would be the case as well, that only the activation/key request would do it, most likely that was also executed by the same time as the download was done or right after it was done and installed. These are the conditions of the trial and that’s how it is.
As DanBayn suggests, I will try to make them “absorb” some extra Licenses that would serve testing purpose :slight_smile: .

Thank you once more.

Hi Bruno -

I tried to keep it simple, but, yes, typically, that’s done as part of the download process.