Rhino Transform Matrix


Would it be possible to know what each row of rhino transform matrix controls?
Is the third column responsible for translation?

Is there any documentation for contruction matrices?

It’s a standard 3D homogeneous transformation matrix - if you google for the term, there are plenty of explanations and tutorials on how to understand it.

Basically the upper left 3x3 controls the rotation/shearing/scaling, and the upper right 3x1 column is the translation vector.

Bottom row is almost always [0,0,0,1] unless the transformation involves projection.

It depends on how you flatten the matrix, whether you do it by prioritising rows or by prioritising columns.

You could also just plug the Transform directly into Display Matrix component, no need to deconstruct and construct.

Oddly enough, the specialized Transform Matrix component requires it to be explictly cast to a GH_Transform, whereas the Display Matrix component doesn’t.

Is this flattening connecting to row and column major ordering?

Is it the same as transpose method? When you changed true/false