Rhino tab in Grasshopper (Rhino WIP)

I noticed this Rhino tab inside Grasshopper ribbon in the latest Rhino WIP. What is it?

Hi Tuomas -

Those components make it possible to access more object attributes from the Rhino document and bake Grasshopper geometry with such attributes.

A post with more information is being worked on and will be announced shortly…


Ah, nice! I was a terrible searcher since I didn’t notice that thread. I’ll take a look.



Ah so sad I didn’t notice this. I am finishing smiliar features in my to-be-released plugin. Is it a good time to stop devloping my own? :thinking: However my current work is more focused on blocks. Don’t know if official block support would be added later.


Blocks are on our roadmap but I don’t know when they will be integrated. We’re hoping to get user feedback on which data types should take priority. We definitely don’t want to discourage third party development though. Contributions are always welcome.


@TuomasLehtonen When @wim originally responded, I was still working on the first post for these new tools. However, I’ve now released the first post. You can find out more about these tools here.

Interacting with Rhino is always a huge sector where many third-party plug-ins have been investing.

For example recently eleFront team is working on their next major version.

It’s exciting to see how different plugins and paradigms work together in the future.

My plug-in would work down to Rhino 6.5, hopefully providing extra values to the Rhino community.