Rhino Summer School for Teachers in London

Rhino Summer School London, UK September 2014

SimplyRhino UK, in collaboration with McNeel Europe and chaos group, has organized a free of charge Training & Networking event for Design Teachers and Lecturers, six classes over eight days. Separate courses covering three areas: Modelling, Rendering & Generative Design.

All courses delivered by leading individuals from the Software Developer plus Certified Trainers from Simply Rhino. All courses are taking place at Imperial College London, Skempton Building; In the newly refurbished South Kensington campus.

All classes have a focus on “training the trainer”, all content (exceptfortheRhino5.0LevelClass,whichisidenticaltoourstandardclass) is tailored to help inform any Teacher or Lecturer in the key aspects of that subject; so quite different to our commercial classes where the focus is very much on professional use. The aim is to enable Teachers to Teach rather than become professional users, we think this is what you need.

Class Titles:

  • Rhino 5.0 Level 1
  • Rhino 5.0 in Architecture & Engineering
  • V-Ray Level 1
  • V-Ray Advanced
  • V-Ray Advanced for Architecture
  • Grasshopper Introduction

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Posted Jul 01, 2014 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.