Rhino SubD Test

I should be coding, but it’s Friday…

Rhino 7 with the Rhino Render.



Lol, just don’t ask me remake it…

I also made a small rhino model in Rhino 7 WIP :slightly_smiling_face:


Very cute, it could become the new symbol/icon of Rhinoceros. Considering that with the introduction of SubD Rhino has a better chance of modeling even softer. And this is also reflected in its more modern icon… :wink::+1:t3:

Hi, thank you for loving it! :wink:

The following is an introduction about this cute little rhino.

Designer: Scott Wilson

The name of art:Kera

Introduction to this sculpture (English website):http://www.spicytec.com/2011/11/animal-sculptures-by-minimal.html

Chinese website:http://www.hi-id.com/?p=1541

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What a cool sweet Rhino :slight_smile:

Cute little rhino~ :slightly_smiling_face: