Rhino shaded viewport problems

hello there

has anyone else around here terrible problems with the shaded viewport? lines are rendered fine, but shaded surfaces are a mess…

Check if

  1. the geometry is very far from the origin. If so, move it towards the origin to improve
  2. the render mesh settings are fine enough.

thank you for the quick reply. it was indeed because the origin was too far off.
i very much like the new interface by the way!

Ok, excellent. Please give your credits re the new interface to @marlin - I am not affiliated with McNeel and certainly not responsible for the excellent work going into the Mac version of Rhino :smile:

Hi there :slight_smile:
Sorry to bother you again with this topic, but I do have the same problem although my origin is very close to my 3D itself.

Any other idea to solve this problem?
Thank you !