Rhino server error

I am having the same problem, in Canada. I have been trying for an hour. I finally did a work around and managed to download the software but never got an email for the trial. It keeps giving me the same server error.

cant download rhino 7

Same problem in Australia.
Both mac and pc evaluation versions

same problem in US

same problem in France, macOS evaluation

Ive just tried installing different versions of rhino but the only link that fails is when you specifically click on the evaluation version for 90 free day trial

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Hi -
We are aware of this issue.
It looks like this is something that needs to be fixed by our people in the Seattle office.
This thread will be notified when the server is back to functioning as it should.


Same problem in Portugal to…

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Same problem in finland

Same problem in Brazil

Same issue in the UAE

Same problem in Croatia

Same problem in UK

Same problem in France

Same problem in Austria

Same in italy

same in Poland

Same in Denmark

le serveur ne fonctionne pas depuis hier

Hello, I got the same error page in New York

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