Rhino server error

Tried downloading Rhino 7. Got a Server Error that sent me to this forum.


Download seems to be working here. Did you get the server error on download or on installation? If on installation, can you post screenshots of the error message?

I got the server error on download!

I also tried downloading rhino 7 and got server error sending me here. I was trying to download from a mac using the latest version of google chrome.

The error shows up right after clicking on the “Rhino 7 for Windows - One-Time Evaluation” link shown on this screenshot

Hmm, maybe where you are in the world there is a problem. No problem here (CH) downloading either the release version or the eval version:

(clicking on Download English now runs the download, have done it twice now)

I’m in the United States, so that shouldn’t be the problem

Is there a different link I could try or a different way of getting the license key?

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Could be local or regional… Do any of the other downloads on the same page work?

Yes, the other downloads work

OK, I don’t know what to tell you then, the license key comes to your e-mail and as far as I know the official download page is the only place I know of to download from and get the license key sent from. May need to wait until tomorrow when someone from McNeel sales is in the office…

I read somewhere on another post that all Server Errors are an issue on your end. Is there nothing you guys could do to fix this?

I don’t work for McNeel, so I can’t say what is going on, only that there is no problem here.

It’s working here from Canada.

Download for full version works here
Evaluation version is broken, I’m in California, US

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I am having the same problem, in Canada. I have been trying for an hour. I finally did a work around and managed to download the software but never got an email for the trial. It keeps giving me the same server error.

cant download rhino 7

Same problem in Australia.
Both mac and pc evaluation versions

same problem in US

same problem in France, macOS evaluation