Rhino render - apply material?

I am trying to assign materials to an object, using the basic render.
But the chosen material in the edit window does not apply to the object…?

Also - I would like to know how to delete unwanted materials in the “Model Materials list” ?

Thanks HH (5A854)

Hi Hans - drag and drop the material onto the target object to apply the material; I do not see a way to remove materials from the current models - at the moment, this looks to me like an oversight…


Ahh - drag&drop - so very neat :smile:

The materials is accumulating in my list, because I have tried to alt-click the + button
hoping to delete some of the abundant “unnamed” materials here.
But shouldnt it be possible to delete some of the materials in a project?

Yeah, I have noticed that too. I hope it’ll be fixed soon :wink:


Yeah, I’ve been after that one for a while… it got pushed to a point release update.