Rhino python Quadremesh

Hi all
I want to edit one rhinocores about Quadremesh.
I want define parameters of Quadremesh which the target edge length is 1 mm as below shown.

I search for a lot of information and can only set other parameters that can not set the target edge length

Is there an opportunity to set the target edge length directly through rhinocores , Python or Grasshopper?


Hi @CornCorn,

Use QuadRemeshParameters.TargetEdgeLength.

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Thank you for your reply.
Because I want to use the Macro to do quadremesh, I try to edit the macro…

But I only stay in _Squish ,and than appear the window of Quad Remesh Detailed option.

I try to key in " Target Edge Length =1", but I can not successfully to do quadremesh with my macro

My macro
_Target Edge Length =1