Rhino Python - GUID object attribute error

I am trying to set up a python script that would let me incrementally rotate geometry on a rotary table to be used with a robotic arm. There’s a screenshot of the script attached as in grasshopper. I get an error message that says: “Runtime error (MissingMemberException): ‘Guid’ object has no attribute ‘DuplicateCurve’
line 5, in script”

Please help!!

Right-click on the ‘ln’ input of you ghpython node and set the type hint

What would I set the type hint to? I tried setting it to line but that didn’t do it.

If I remember correctly lines and curves are different categories of rhino geometry so if you want to use a curve function the type hint would need to be curve. I’ll be back from work in 30 minutes and have a look

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Thank you! The mistake I was making was that I used a line component and a curve type hint. It works now!!