Rhino options for TAB header text modifier?

Hi Masters!
I have a need for faster change of the VIEW selected. I use the TAB on the bottom of the screen area and I am so used to it there that I cannot move it upper otherwise I am always lost on the UI.
So sometimes I move the mouse cursor over the TAB of the selected view area and I scroll the MOUSE WHEEL so the view changes much faster. I think that’s a good workflow however I wish I could get the text on the SELECTED TAB bigger so I can easily see what’s selected without much time focusing on that… Is there a key to change that text size? I have been looking on the Rhino Options > Advanced and filtered the “TAB” keyword so I could figure out what to change, but not succeeded :frowning:
Also tried to search on the forum but seems that there is nothing about key parameterizing!

Any clues how I can achieve this? Many thanks!

Hello - for the viewport tabs, there is no setting for size, that I know of.


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However I think they are working on a way to be able to change the color of the active view’s tab… might help when it gets done.


Awesome, that’s what I need :slight_smile:
Some key already defined or not yet?