Rhino.NodeInCode components with multiple Args

Hey guys,

I wanted to try to use the Voronoi component inside the C# scripting component and I just can’t figure it out.

I generated a hundred points in Grasshopper and plugged it in as a List < Point3d >. The normal Voronoi component has 4 inputs, one of which should be this list of a hundred points. Then I got back this error message that the component only has up to 4 Args, and I was apparently giving it one hundred, as if I tried to feed each point in my list as a separate Argument.

Could somebody please show me an example script, how to put in the arguments? Also, is there some kind of documentation to each of the GH components inside NodeInCode? I was looking at the Rhino.NodeInCode Namespace documentation and I didn’t find anything specific about the GH components, just how to find their full name, and nothing more.

Thanks in advance!

There was one that made the same code in the test.
Like this?

Voronoi nodeInCode.gh (6.8 KB)

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