Rhino Nature Released

@Patt There is already GH integration in some form. You can get pieces of distribution in GH to work with them further.

Ah and to cover “choking” memory topic for others. After baking so many elements wireframe mode should be used for this small timeframe (after baking till render and deleting baked things) 850k elements in shaded viewports certainly isn’t a good idea :headstone:


This looks great! I would love to see some examples of how the components connect and best practises. Might be added to the component information pages at the bottom f. ex.

I have a project in mind trying Rhino Nature for Grasshopper, so I could provide you some screen-grabs if I’m successful. I think there are some really good use-cases for this for people wanting to automate vegetation in architecture projects😁

Is someone working with Rhino 7 + Rhino Nature + Vray 5.2?
Is everything stable?

Hi @Buzzz,

all works fine across 5,6,7 and V-Ray 5. There is only one known minor bug regarding 5.2 update during proxy preset import, it’s fixed already in a minor update that should roll out very soon as it needs few more tests before release.

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ok, thanks!

Hello @D-W
Rhino 8 switched to .Net 6, this prevents R.N. from Loading under .Net Core, so I had to use “_SetDotNetRuntime”.

Any plans to update Rhino Nature for Rhino 8?
Rhino WIP Feature: Get ready for .NET 6! - Serengeti (Rhino WIP) - McNeel Forum

@tay.othman Umm, give me a moment to recognize new circumstances. .NET 6 shouldn’t be any problem actually the thing is that its .NET Core (don’t get that here as RN is based on .NET Framework) as even lower targeted plugins would run on higher frameworks.
TBH I don’t have a clue why it doesn’t load under the newest WIP. If you’d like to provide more info please send me a log file from RN (run _RNShowLogs it will just open the relevant folder and send me the log file with the date when it happened) then I’ll check the stack trace to determine what causes the issue.

Since you’re using reflection heavily you may want to look at Unsupported APIs on .NET Core and .NET 5+ | Microsoft Learn to see if you are using any of these APIs that now always throw an exception.

@nathanletwory Thanks for that clue. Yes, Reflection may bring huge problems. That can be really problematic as it may break crucial workarounds for direct bridges with rendering engines. The thing is more complicated than you may imagine as there are strict policies in companies that will never include 3rd party custom code in their product just for eg. due to legal reasons. Some of those workarounds were implemented to support legacy v5. I think it will be time to move on and drop support for v5 and v6 and focus on 7 and 8 only. Such a step surely would clean the codebase a lot, however, I don’t know if customers will be happy about it.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I can’t help you making the decision for that.

If you ask me, fortunately :upside_down_face: I mean fortunately that there’s a good reason to move on. I just missed there’s no dot after the closing bracket in your sentence.

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RN_2022_10_18.zip (1.2 KB)

Logs Attached, Thank you

definitely a vote from my side. i am always in search for good plant based products for my fruity computer. i think there are many apple users who would use that plugin, mac rhino users are out there, but not represented here on the forum very well… @diff-arch would you use such a tool? i know you are mostly using blender but if rendering with the new cycles speeds up at some point doing plants in rhino would be a real relieve, and it comes with a very affordable price tag.

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Never, say never. I’d probably use it for rendering purposes, but I don’t do landscape architecture. I currently use Botaniq and Scatter in Blender, which both are excellent and together cost about the same as RhinoNature.

@tay.othman Thanks, not much here. I checked already few things but I don’t see any reasonable explanation why it’s not loaded at all as this shouldn’t happen at this point - it should run but may become unstable at some point but there is no point which could impact the loading part.

Please tell me if you are using the latest WIP. To be 100% sure what to test please pass only the first line of _SystemInfo ok?.

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Rhino 8 SR0 2022-10-18 (Rhino WIP, 8.0.22291.12305, Git hash:master @ 61c6a8000d5dbb771bbd69114e43c708bc40438c)

It runs fine when I start with .Net set to “Framework”, but fails to load when it is set to “Core”

If I manually Load the Plugin, I get “License key not Found”…I ran it as administrator

Interesting. I’ll send you a PM in a minute and we’ll continue.

Interesting plugin.
Sorry for dropping my questions in here, but I don’t want
to create an account in forum no.342 …

Would it work with Maxwell Render?
Can I export the complete geometry, down to the smallest detail?
Would it be possible to render leaves or other small geometries
at close distances?


@Axt yes you can just bake out any desired ecosystem and export it to Maxwell Studio. IIRC Maxwell was able to merge MXS files so basically even if you have a huge scene you can export each Ecosystem and merge them all together in Studio, and yes you will be able to render any detail that was provided with a model to distribute in Ecosystem.

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Ok, thx; I’m in :slight_smile:

Currently in the “exploded moss” stage, hehe.


Any chance for a macOS version anytime?