Rhino Nature Released

I’m sorry, I meant Contact, not Help.

Here it opens Outlook - you can always right-click copy email and use your own desired email client.

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Ah OK. It’s probably because I don’t use Outlook (browsers only).
Sorry for false alarm.

I should probably introduce new page with contact form … It will be just easier then.

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Good idea.

New works~ :grin:


I’d love to know about how to create the foam and waves in the images on post #36 as well.

Just informing interested ones that there’s a new update available.

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How do you access the Library Browser? I am using the trial version.

Hi, it doesn’t matter if trial or licensed button is in same place :wink: Trial just have less models and presets.


If you are using VRay please refer to V-Ray without baking - Rhino Nature Community
If not please refer to FAQ - Rhino Nature Help
or more indepth explanation here Do I need to Bake using V-Ray Next - Rhino Nature Community

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So for now I would need to Bake the textures into the file in order to render with vray?

You’ve misread something. Baking in RN is refering to putting objects into the document (I thought this nomenclature was obvious at least from GH).

As you asked for V-Ray and baking I assume you use V-Ray Next (am I right?) in this case please read carefully and follow these steps:

  • select the desired ecosystem,
  • click Bake button (ecosystem button strip - tip if you’ll hover a button for a while it’ll show a tooltip)
  • go to Layers panel
  • unhide RN::Export layer (by default hidden for performance reasons)
  • render

NOTE: Above steps are valid for any rendering engine including Rhino Render(Cycles)

If you don’t see textures on models that means you use V-Ray later than 5.10.01 and you picked preset with “Full” option selected under Geometry dropdown in Library Preset window during preset import (this is a temp bug of V-Ray - just accident at work). However, if you want to keep your RAM footprint as low as possible during rendering you want to use the “Proxy” option, and with this option textures are working correctly. To be entirely clear with VRay 5 you don’t have to bake anything.


I am using the latest Vray. Question, when do you assign the Vray material to an entity and how do you change it? I made an ecosystem and assigned an entity to it without any kind of Vray material. So it renders everything white.

Rhino Nature is auto encapsulating your regular geometry in a block when you are picking entity geometry. So:

  • If you will pick a block it will use that block,
  • If you will pick surface, extrusion, brep, mesh etc. it will wrap it in block (check _BlockManager you will see names like _DEF | GEO_UID)

The best way is to create a block on your own with desired geometry inside and name it like you want (it will be easier to find it and edit later). In order to edit the “auto-created-any-geometry” entity, you need to find appropriate _DEF and insert it and then edit block.

EXPLANATION: It is done that way to maximize performance and save as many resources as possible. Keep in mind that it is specific to V-Ray that it does not instantiate blocks and needs explicitly exporting as proxy to reuse this object internally and keep your RAM usage low, for e.g. Cycles, Octane or Thea don’t need that step as every block will be reused by default.

Actually, if you don’t want to create a block on your own etc.the easiest and quickest would be deleting entity from list adding material to object and adding this object again.

@intuitionusa I’ve added this topic to FAQ. However, I think this could be improved by adding the next button (or renaming Change Basepoint to Edit Entity and modifying button behavior providing two options in the command line) in the Entities section. It would save the headache during finding the appropriate name _DEF | GEO_UID - added to a pile RN-13

Windows Defender screen info:

After purchasing the licence and doing the update I have rather tiny library:

@Piotr FWIW this what MS said week ago (I can’t do much about it):

And it seems it will be like this for every single update. I’m exploring this topic if there is any possible way to solve this.

Please check your email, find “First steps with Rhino Nature”, and read it. The library has a separate installer as it’s quite heavy (121 models in 36 presets), go to your Account → Downloads

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OK, thanks. There came like a 4-5 mails at once, I must have missed it.

To anyone interested who postponed the purchase. I just wanted to let know that the intro sale ends in 3 days. So, few days to grab a license at a lower price. :hugs:


Exciting news for Rhino Render (aka Cycles) and UE users new update available, which provides integration to a possible extent on my side! I also heard some rumors that Thea integration is coming soon :wink: