Rhino Mirrored Blocks to Revit Families issue

Hi Good Guys!

In Rhino we mirrored our blocks. When I use the transforms of our blocks to locate the corresponing families rebuilt from the blocks, the transforms do not include the mirroring. So every instance in Revit is transformed without the mirroring (Rotation etc. is ok).

Any hint about how to manage this?

Please see this post…

Thank you, it did not pop up…

Hmmmm, I saw, that’s quite an issue. Same thing for scaling, I guess?

The only Family I am aware of that scales in Revit is planting, unless i’m misunderstanding.

Actually I think so. This guy uses planting families to make things scalable.
Scalable Family in Revit - Revit Family Tutorial (youtube.com)

I’m now thinking that I should identify all the instances that are mirrored or scaled, explode them all and load them in Revit as something else.
OR, at least for the mirroring, define a new family that is made with the mirrored geometry and replicate instances of it using the block instances transforms. But I need to understand how to find the mirrored instances and identify those with the same mirroring transformation (axis). :sweat_smile: