Rhino MAC v6 crash and recovery failure

Rhino v6 WIP crashed and on restart will not open existing files, i.e. the one I was working on. On initiating a new file the background is white and there is no functionality, no entities can be created. .

Hello - Can you reboot and try again and if that still does not work, can you please try re-installing the latest from


and see if that sorts it out?


Will do that now. Thanks Pascal!

No luck, Here is the file I was working on at the time. Is there anything to be learned from that?

When I try opening a file I get this screen with endless spinning wheel and it never opens

Hello - it opens here on Windows - I fixed a couple of bad curves, but I do not think that is the problem - Iet’s see if saving it here does any good.
Does a clean new file behave as expected now?

Tas house R6.zip (9.3 MB)


On opening a new file nothing works in terms or geometry but I get cursor artifacts.

I can’t get any file to open so it must be a deeper issue. Maybe it is local though.

Can I get you to save that file as V5 so I can keep working for now?


I found a WIN machine to install 6 on and convert. Thanks