Rhino.InsideRevit - Query Identity Data > Workset Name

Hi All,

I had a model and am interested to find out the workset name under identity data for all the elements in my model. How shall I perform such in Rhino.InsideRevit ??


Looks like you have “inspect element” in your script. Its output will give you the values you are asking for.

There is no OOB components to do this but something like this should work.

RiR-WorksetIdentity.gh (18.3 KB)

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Hi Kike, what I am trying to query is the user-defined workset(not the elements workset) as from the image posted in the question. Is there any way to do such? So, whatever the user assign the element’s workset, I am able to have a peek in GH.

Hi @jia.yeap,

The code above should return you the ‘Workset’ name as the user entered here.

Is there an other Workset?

Ahh, cheers! That works perfectly.

Hi @kike, can you show me where is the issue is? I am trying to query elements assembly code.


Since ‘Assembly Code’ is defined on the type not in the instance, you need to first get the ‘Element Type’ and then ‘Get Element Parameter’ or ‘Inspect Element’ on the type.

RiR-TypeAssemblyData.gh (21.3 KB)

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