Getting Workset ID instead of Name

Hi @kike, @Japhy

I am using Revit 2024 and Rhino8.
Testing the recent RIR version 1.22.8874.21488 (pre-released)
I am trying to get parameter value of workset name using Element Parameter component.
Instead of name, I am getting the Workset ID. Is this a bug?

Thanks in advance.


The Workset Built-in Parameter doesn’t offer much, there is an Element Workset component, as well as container that you can cast to.

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Hi @Japhy ,

thanks for the prompt reply.
I have forgot about Element Workset component… Thanks…

by the way, is there any way we could enable worksharing using the component?

Thanks in advance!!


No, you will need to push this button to enable worksharing in your project.


I thought there is an API we could program it…
Thanks for your support!

one more questions…
I do not see native component, which we can override the elements of workset. Is there any plan to add it? or am I missing it?

I know we could override the element parameter… but it would also nice to have a component we can directly override it.

thanks heaps!

You can change the Workset using the Workset Input of the Element Workset component.

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thanks! I should have read the documentation first… thanks heaps again!
I am updated with the workset part!

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