Rhino.Inside.Revit: Filled Region / Detail Lines Linestyle?

I’m trying to use Rhino.Inside.Revit to import filled regions and detail lines with prepopulated linestyles into a detail family.
The Add Region component has an input for Linestyle; the Add Detail Line component does not. When I provide a linestyle for the add region component, I receive and error, but the component works fine when I don’t provide any linestyle.
My questions:

  1. Why is the Add Region component not recognizing my linestyles?
  2. Is there a way to import a detail line with a linestyle into a detail family?

-RIR: 1.11
-Rhino: 7.24
-Revit: 2021.2

Working in the Project Environment, this looks to be a bug related to the Family Document. Thanks for reporting.

In the meantime you can query Line Styles to get the valid line, note that all that are returned via Query Line Styles are not eligible for use in the Filled Region.

Thanks Japhy!
Your workaround is helpful.
I noticed that Query Line Styles does not detect any custom linestyles added to the family. Please see attached a snip of a family in which I added an additional line style, “1-PEN”. The linestyle is visible in the Line Style component, which results in an error, but is not available from the Value Picker.

Also, is there a way to select line styles when using the Add Detail Line component?

rir issue 4

dblancoarch, The LineStyle can be set after via the Element Parameters Component.

An additional way it to use the Curve Line Style component

(LS is available via Zoom UI)

Excellent. Thanks!