RIR get line styles

Is there a way to get Revit’s line styles out-of-the-box? I note that it is possible to get line patterns but I can’t see anywhere to get the line styles.

As a workaround, I’ve copied the code from the Archi-lab Dynamo components…

I added a feature request for linestyles in v1.0.


You can switch to “Daily Builds” channel from the Options dialog and test ‘Query Line Styles’ component now if you like.

Keep in mind that files you save with a Daily Build version may not open on a previous version, so please do backups of your files.

Thanks I’ll look into this.

When you say:

…wouldn’t only that component break, not the whole script?

Once I install the daily build, is there a way to save in a backward-compatible way?

Your other components are safe, only Rhino.Inside.Revit components are afected by this.

There is no way to save in backward-compatible mode.
This kind of builds are there only to allow the user test before is released.

I’m actually trying to get the ‘invisible lines’ which apparently needs to be done via FilletedElementColelctor (which is different to the Archilab logic I first mentioned). See here.

But doing it this way, seems to work.

This solution is always available.
We tried to provide several components to do this kind of low level querying-filtering tasks.

May I ask in which case you need the “Invisible Lines” style?

Yes it’s to modify the line style of a filled region.

Is this possible throught the Revit UI?

Yes. See here: Set filled region linestyle

Hi @parametricmonkey1,

Do you think ‘Query Line Styles’ component should return “invisible Lines” as well?

Yeah, I think that would be useful. Although I’m not sure if it would cause any knock-on effects downstream with say people trying to use invisible lines for elements that don’t support it.