Rhino inside Python

is it possible to use rhinoinside inside rhino or only outside of rhino.
So i can only use cpython modules outside of rhino but not inside with the grasshopper python editor ?.

I mean if i use your example it works but can this rhino.curve.object be exist in rhino to make it visible?

sorry i am very new to this

Hi, Flokart. I think that what you are trying to achieve is not a rhino inside subprocess. If what you want to do is run a CPython script inside Grasshopper, maybe you can succeed with this plugin:

or this one:

@flokart It’s not currently possible to use cpython modules in Rhino/Grasshopper because it uses IronPython (not withstanding the workarounds that @ffribeiro shared). If you run Rhino.Inside CPython then you don’t get the Rhino UI, but all the geometry you create can be written to a 3dm file and viewed in regular Rhino.