Rhino inside Pro engineer?

Are there plans to develop a version of Rhino inside version for pro engineer soon?
And if not, is the Pro engineer software open enough to be a Rhino inside candidate?

No one at McNeel is developing a sample or integration for Rhino.Inside Pro Engineer at the moment, and there are no current plans to do so (that I know of). I don’t believe anyone here has looked into the available development tools in Pro Engineer. Maybe some developer on the Pro Engineer team is doing this?

I took a few minutes to seek out some API Documentation for Pro Engineer. Pardon my ignorance, is this the same as Creo? If so, it seems Creo has a Java API. The “path of least resistance” to get started with a sample would be a public .net compatible API. It seems there are also VB and C++ APIs, so maybe there is a technical way, but it might or might not be easy.

Yes PRO EGINEER became PTC CREO edited by PTC

I share for all intents and purposes the return of one of our client who uses PRO EGINEER:

Mc Neels should not neglect that the digital transition in the building will be done with manufacturers like us already equipped with solutions like Katia ProEng … And that we would be easy targets to sell their Inside licenses in order to bring our products to the digital compatible building trades. I saw with our dev mecan that ProEng can not export in many formats and only STEP would be the most “open” to others.

I picture that schneider, Siemens, Saint Gobain, technal, Legrand, Philips, Honeywell, Permasteelisa, … have the same problem as us. Either we solve it through BIMobject type platforms and we do not serve the cause but we can do business, or we try as we (through you) to have our tool fully integrated and there we are at the service of digital, either “architecture” software publishers are opening up for more compatibility or an inside fits into our development tools in order to ensure the migration of the digital twin from the industrial product to the ‘building’ products Because it s is only that. Go from the industry to the building according to the rules of the building (towards IFC)

RhinoInside could be this tool no? I am wrong ?