Rhino.Inside .Net 7? (ETA/Feasibility)

Good Morning All,

We are looking at the technical feasibility of using Rhino.Inside as a renderer for our CNC machine control as our CAD/CAM is already a Rhino Plugin.

Encouraged by @stevebaer in this thread Rhino.Inside .NET Core 7.0 - Rhino.Inside - McNeel Forum

I had a shot at creating the missing sample for Rhino.Inside using .net 7 / WPF.

However i think that as of today (December '23) this is a litle ahead of the state of the art?

I have not been able to get this working with Rhino 8.1 - probably i am missing something simple? (full code attached) but i suspect that as there is no nuget package of Rhino.Inside for .net 7 this is too close to the bleeding edge.

Will there be a .net 7 version of Rhino.Inside? Is it years or months away? [I ask not to pressure but to encourage :slightly_smiling_face:]
SampleHelloWorldWPF.zip (103.3 KB)

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We have Rhino.Inside Revit working with Rhino 8 - running under .NET framework 4.8

We have Rhino.Compute running with Rhino 8 - running as a .NET 7 console application.

We haven’t gotten around to testing any sort of .NET 7 based Rhino.Inside user interface applications yet. This is only because we are swamped with work tuning up the initial service release issues in Rhino 8. Once the smoke clears we can spend some time looking at Rhino.Inside features. Probably a couple months from now.


Thanks Steve, that’s great to hear, sounds like it will be feasible, good luck clearing that smoke :slight_smile: do let me know if i can help test when this comes around.