Rhino.Inside - Grasshopper components throwing exceptions: "object reference not set to an instance..."

Hi -

Repostin - not sure I posted in correct place previously. I am opening a previously perfectly functional grasshopper definition in Rhino Inside Revit and all the components suddenly fail and give the exception “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” This only happens with a very large Revit model that is hosted on an external server. When I open the Revit sample test model the grasshopper definition works fine and does not throw this error. I have recently updated both Rhino 7 and Rhino.Inside.Revit. Am dead in the water with this issue - any ideas how to fix it?

Just to make sure, what kind of external server? File server? Revit Server? BIM360?

Hi - the Revit model was exported from BIM 360 cloud server to our firm’s local server (remote to me but part of our office network). I was trying to run Rhino.Inside on the copy of the file (running through a VPN connection), not directly from the BIM 360 version.


Hi - still getting this problem with a large revit model. I have downloaded the model to my local drive and tried there, with no improvement. Grasshopper gives these component exception errors for every component, then freezes completely.

Please help…

This component is really old a needs a rewrite.

Meanwhile what about using this?

You can search doing double click on the “Search…” caption or filter by “Category” and-or “Family Name”.

Thanks - every single component gives this error - I have reinstalled Rhino.inside recently. Really weird.

It works fine with a small revit model.

I guess there is a type, or maybe more than one, on that model that the “Element Type Picker” is not able to handle.

Does the “Query Types” work on that big model?