Is there any plan for Archicad part of inside ? :smile:

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Same question !

Hi - as far as I know, there are no such plans, no.

As I understand it this requires Graphisoft to make an API that is compatible with Rhino.Inside (which is not planned for now).


There was a lecture by Carlos Perez in Oslo in which he showed the following slide:

Hi -

I know, I was there…
I guess that was meant more in the spirit of some kind of interaction between ArchiCAD and Grasshopper…

At the same event, Graphisoft spoke about their plans and showed - among others - this slide:

Showing what they have and what they are working on. Rhino.Inside ArchiCAD isn’t one of those things.


Interesting. Is there a recording of the seminar available somewhere by any chance?

Hi - I don’t think so, no.

I thought so.:confused:
Thanks anyway!

I believe archicad developed a connection between grasshopper and archicad, which worked quite well already 4 years ago.

Yup. It was the “process automation” that caught my eye, since the Python API experiment stayed a bit quiet, I was hoping to get some news from GS.

The AC-GH connection is working fine for certain types of tasks, but seeing the Rhino.Inside implementations it seems a bit limited - I guess this is what’s this thread is about.

Well, four years ago was bloated of bugs, they published a product no apt for production. Some months later, they changed it status from wip to 1.0, but it appeared to me more a marketing decision than other thing. 4 years later it is certainly more stable, but still with much ground for improvement both in features (bidirectionality is far from being reached in my opinion, and optimization need to be improved (performance rapidly start suffering with a few thousand of objects)

Regarding the initial question, while graphisost or anyother one doesnt do nothing to archicad be .NET friendly, somehow (unreal has its own ”solution“ for this) unfortunately rhinoinside will be out of reach for archicad users.

We still can expect some integration when Archicad publish its pythonic adventure, using rhino3dm and the more complete feature set in RhinoCompute, but I wouldn’t expect a scenery of an archicad user launching Rhino from inside archicad. I certainly would like to be mistaken.

So far, what we have seen for python for archicad, unless it is in super preliminary state, is that it will be a quite constrained product. I seems that it will be, by design, miles way from a integration level we enjoy between rhino and (iron)python.

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oh, I forgot rhinoInside python as a theoretically valid tool for accesing rhinocommon goodness for archicad´s python API

Here is @hiron showing this possibility: https://twitter.com/hiron_rgkr/status/1283763031948750849?s=20

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ARCHICAD 24 is supported cpython3.7 or later and RhinoInside.Cpython is already released as aitorlecea mentions above. You can easliy install RhinoInside.Cpython to using pip: archicad PyPl

What I’m doing in the my tweet above is just running the sample code Steve is showing here in ARCHICAD that creates the interpolated curve and returns its length.
Next, I’m hoping to do something with a combination of ARCHICAD’s API and RhinoInside