Rhino.GetObject ("-SelBlockInstanceNamed")

I am a total newbie. So please ignore my ignorance.

Is there a way to bypass user input of force entry into the command line.

For example, I have a Block Instance in a file. I named the block instance.

I now import the file and run the selblockinstancenamed. But the script stops for the user to select the block.

If I select the item manually the script runs fine.

However if I try to select the item another way for example - Rhino.ObjectsByLayer I get a mismatch error saying a str is required.

Any ideas?


try if this does select your block in an extra script first.

Option Explicit
Call Main()
Sub Main()
    Dim strBlockName, cmd, blnResult, arrObjects
    strBlockName = "MyBox"

    cmd = "_-SelBlockInstanceNamed " & CHR(34) & strBlockName & CHR(34)
        blnResult = Rhino.Command(cmd, True)
    arrObjects = Rhino.SelectedObjects()
    If IsNull(arrObjects) Then
        Rhino.Print "Nothing has been selected"
        Rhino.Print UBound(arrObjects) + 1 & " Blocks selected"
    End If
End Sub

Note that you have to change the name of the block in the script, mine is named “MyBox”.