Rhino for Architecture training in Oslo

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Rhino for Architecture at Pivot Produktdesign AS Oslo (Norway)

Oct 9-11

Course Outline

  • Choosing the right approach to different modeling tasks - Communicating your designs in a way ensures that designs come across as intended. - Creating good quality models that can be used directly for manufacture or 3d printing. - Project and file management

These lessons will provide some insight as to ‘Why’ I might want to do something rather than just ‘How’ to do something.


The course will be customized according to the level of the participants. Trainees should ideally have at least three months of experience with using Rhino. But experience with other software, such as AutoCAD, will make up for little or no Rhino experience.

Level: Beginner/intermediate

Trainer Fredrik is an Industrial Designer and Certified Rhino trainer. He has experience from both product engineering and architecture.

Being an Industrial Designer, Fredrik gained his architectural skills while working at Snøhetta Architects in Oslo.

Since then he has been involved in several building projects, and held training courses for several architect and design offices in Norway.

Complete program and registration details…

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