New Course: Rhino in Architecture, Seattle

Introduction to Rhino in Architecture
October 24-27, 2017

Robert McNeel & Associates - Seattle


Join us for our first Rhino in Architecture workshop! We have the honor of Francesc Salla, Architect and VisualARQ Product Manager at Asuni Barcelona joining the class as a guest instructor.

In this comprehensive 4-day workshop you’ll learn to create 3D Rhino models of a variety of architectural projects. You will learn basic techniques to develop and modify architectural elements (like walls, doors, windows, roofs, and stairs) from precise plans. Models will be rendered and set up in Layouts for presentations. Generating 2D plans, sections, and elevations from the 3D model will also be covered.

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  • Modeling Architecture elements like walls, doors, windows, roofs, mullions, decks, stairs.

  • Adding Details and entourages like furniture, lights, curtains and organic shapes like pillows.

  • Creating the reusable blocks/context.

  • Parametrize your design with Grasshopper

  • Rendering: Lighting, Materials Texture Mapping

  • Rendering Engines: Rhino Render and Flamingo

  • Landscape with Flamingo and Lands

  • Integrating flexible BIM feature to Rhino with VisualARQ

  • Creating Patterns with PanelingTools.

  • Present your designs with screen capturing, rendering, and layouts

  • Additional topics: Terrain with Lands, Rhino to Google Earth, Rhino to VR, Solar Analysis

Target Audience:

  • This workshop is for professionals working in architecture, digital fabrication, and other building related fields, as well as students in these fields.

  • This workshop will build on your existing Rhino modeling experience, and apply it to generating architectural content.

  • This workshop introduces these Rhino plug-ins for architecture: Flamingo nXt, PanelingTools, VisualARQ, LANDS, VR and SolarAnalysis and other advanced Rhino commands like Layouts, Blocks and SolidTools.


  • Rhinoceros Level 1 or equivalent. We will assume the student can efficiently navigate the Rhino application and model, create curves surface and solids. Edit curves, surfaces, and solids.

  • Having some familiarity with dimensions, text, and layouts will be beneficial.

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