Rhino files show a thumbnail on desktop instead of rhino icon

I am recently switched to v5. When I put a rhino file on my desk top created in v5 (win 10) it does not show the rhino icon but a thumbnail from the file. If I put the file in a folder it shows the rhino icon.
Any ideas on what is causing this?


Are you trying to get rid of the thumbnails or see them inside a folder?

In folder views, list or detail views do not show thumbnails, only the various icon/tile views.

Since desktop only has the choice of small, medium, or large icon views (not detail or list), I’m not sure how to get rid of thumbnails on the desktop.


By default Windows 10 will show thumbnails instead of application icons when a shell extensions is registered that knows how to deal with that file type. In your case that is the Rhino shell extension doing that for you.

You can turn this off by going intoSystem settings, selecting Advanced System Settings, then click the Settings... button in the Performance section.

I personally like to select Adjust for best performance, and make sure that each and every checkbox is deselected, but in your case you just need to make sure you deselect Show thumbnails instead of icons.

edit to turn of for a specific folder like the desktop you should open your Windows Explorer and browse to your desktop, then on the far right side you see a v-icon next to a question mark. Press the v-icon. From the opening ribbon menu select Options. Go to the View tab and select Always show icons, never thumbnails.


Thanks Nathan, I tried that on an individual folder on my desktop like you mentioned, but win 10 applied it to all my folders on the desk top, just like it does when I used the advanced system settings.

But this fix is problematic because then if you want to view thumbnails in a folder you cant.

I must be missing something here; other than Windows is so ridiculously over complicated.
They have added all these settings for this and that but after 20 years + of development, of their little genius “window” interface program, some of the basics are still screwed up in my opinin