Rhino file - size of elements in MB

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@Jarek - OK… give it a try. I don’t say I did it (block instance support) in a smart way but it seems to work so far in my tests. “Trust but verify”



hmm… this one does not work at all over here… I may do some more testing but with the file I tried before nothing gets selected/labelled with a treshold of 5000 even though there is plenty of block and non-block objects…

This is the code, right?


(Pascal Golay) #23

Yeah… that should be right. Works here. Let me just attach what I have the old fashioned way and see if that does anything on your end.

FindHighPolyCount.py (5.2 KB)

@Jarek - if it does not work, shout - it seems good here but my test cases are pretty limited…



Hi Pascal,
Can I suggest that you add a revision number to avoid confusion, please?


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One of the nice things about gists is that you can see all of the revisions. The most recent version is always presented.


sorry to ask. How do I instal this .py file to run in rhino?


I just see there is a run command then select the .py file, is this best way?


This is how I do it myself. If you follow up from the beginning of the thread, Pascal has given precise indications.

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Hello -

Any luck?



RunPythonScript works fine, thanks guys for your help. Much apprciated.


Works great Pascal - exactly what I needed. And its quite fast! Thanks so much.

I don’t use the Memory switch, but when enabled, the script throws this error:
Message: Local variable 'obj' referenced before assignment.


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hm… Checking, thanks.
I’m not getting that here - maybe I’m lucky - if you see that again, can you tell me what line is called out?
Maybe I accidentally fixed it in the latest - it is posted to that ‘gist’ link