Rhino Feature? Right click and perspective pan?

I am wondering what feature this is in rhino, that shows the object outline or like a bounding box, whenever you pan with your rightclick/mouse in the perspective view? In order to see what actually lies there, you have to let the right click go.

This is cool, and I swear I never saw it before a few days ago. Is this a setting that is used? What setting, or option is it, and where can it be found. Or is it always like this, and has always been.

ANyways, it is cool and allows me in this example to see where a curve is non-planar, and its bounding box.

Heres a couple pics to reference what I am talking about.

In pic 1, there are triangular shapes on the surface.

in pic 2, here I panned in perspective by holding right mouse down. It shows only the bounding boxes until I let go. I really do like this, but am wondering if it is a setting. I couldn’t really see how the curves went up, and the curves are going down and up, so the bounding box view is cool

This is set for the display mode:
View > Display Mode > [your mode] > Objects > Dynamic display > Display object’s bounding box

@pascal, not sure where the appication settings for this one are…
@margaret, when looking for bounding in the index of the help file, only the BoundingBox command comes up, perhaps the view mode should get a hit as well?

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Found it, thanks a lot. I was playing around with my settings trying to help someone figure out why his wires showed through solids and had looked for it in the help but didn’t find it. I guess I left it checked after tickering, and I’m glad I did!
Which was because he had the “x-ray wires” setting on.

The setting is actually abbreviated BBox, and Is under the properties/display/layer panel, under display tab. Then under each view from the dropdown, in this case shaded. All the way down, scroll down, and it is the Bbox box. Also I had looked it up in help file, and it is not listed anywhere that I know of. ANyways, its pretty cool, and can give a great visual display for non planar curves, objects and point groups, etc…