Rhino Crash Dump

Is there any way I can recover lost work from a .dmp file? Do I have to change the suffix of a .bak file to .3dm file to open it in Rhino?

Hi @Joseph_Culbert,

Sorry, no. A dump file is a snapshot of an app at the point in time the dump is taken. It shows what process was executing and what modules were loaded.

However, a dump file can be useful to developers in diagnosing bugs and crashes.

Feel free to zip and forward the dump file to me.

– Dale

Thanks Dale, that was what I was afraid. I was having problems with a plugin not letting me save after opening a AutoSave. I kept getting lots of errors about it (Orca3D) not being able to write its data which was not letting me do the renaming by saving. Then it seemed like Orca was tripping the AutoSave function for almost any command I tried so I turned off autosave and then was when things got weird. I had just reloaded Octane for Rhino6 yesterday and was also getting lots of python errors about relative paths for material names as well and that may have been a part of the eventual crash. I may send you the dump file as it could have been anything that killed the file. I did remember to turn AutoSave back on this morning!