Rhino Compute + Appserver on Heroku - not working


I’ve followed the tutorial related to configuring Rhino Compute on AWS and AppServer on Heroku and I’m almost sure that everything is setup correctly, but… it is not working:) I’ve got connection between AppServer and RhinoCompute, I’ve got correct messages in the console, but when I move any slider in the example app I get the same response all the time… What can be wrong? I try to update the compute.geometry using this new ps1 script, I try ro run compute.geometry as a service and normally, I’ve set up billing correctly…


We might need a bit more information.
Does all of this work when running Rhino.Compute and AppServer locally?

Yes, locally everything works great. Is there a way to debug compute.geometry on AWS instance?

That might be more trouble than it’s worth.

Since it working locally, Let me ask you a few more things. Can you look at console on the example (hosted on heroku) and show me what that looks like. Here is what I see:


Does your instance of AppServer have any other examples in the /example folder?

Yes, this is just a git cloned project, so I’ve got other examples:

They’re not working also

It turns out there was a bug in compute that caused the definition to be recomputed without the new input values. It’s been fixed, so if you update to the latest build of compute on your server then the problem should go away!

There’s a handy script for updating compute in the github repo.

Also, make sure to restart your appserver to clear the cache. Run this command from the directory where you cloned the compute.rhino3d.appserver repo.

heroku ps:restart