Collaboration work in Rhino

Hi guys,
I was wondering if somebody have programmed Software Tools for Rhino to do collaboration work for companies. Tools like accesseability for Elements from different Project users. We Need to lock our finished Elements and our work in Progress Elements somehow so our Team will get informed if someone have done a Change or if someone Needs accesseability to some Elements.

Something Closer to what has been done in Revit and BIM Softwares. If you can give me names for already developed products for Rhino for this purpose, this will be great.



Not sure what is exactly your are looking for. Maybe Elefront plugin can be of your interest. Is both a “tool” and “process” to develop in GH big projects in teamwork. You could make some research on that direction, its maybe, what your are looking for.


This is pretty much my work flow for the time being.
I am using that already beside set of Plugins and Marcos I have developed myselfe . But this doesnt include work inprogress models where cou can share comments and recieve Allerts everytime you wanna do a Change. This is might be nice to have in elefront in the future. But also it is not possible for two users to instantiate a Rhino Project so to say. There is Nothing is called RHino Projects. It is just flat files what we are dealing with for the time being.


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I see. I dont know a software that adress this workflow thoroughly inside Rhino.
Proving Ground developed a connection with trello, but its not deeply nested with Rhino: comments are not attached to geometry, or you cant “reserve” a geometry for editing, as you can do in other teamwork enviroments as Revit or Archicad.
Few days ago someone published his plugin to connect Grasshopper with Github, but again, it doesnt match a simultaneous workflows we can find in other software.

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This is not a solution but a workaround that is using blocks, and blocks within blocks. I made a video for this:

What you probably want is this:

But no Rhino integration… yet