Rhino Certifications and Exams

Certifications are a way to test knowledge and competency in Rhino software. Here is all the information regarding exams and how to become a Certified Rhino Specialist.



I registered for & please send link (Starting Now 9am 5/13/2021)
for my registration http://blog.rhino3d.com/2021/05/useful-resources-for-teaching-rhino.html

Carla Sologuren please send link for my registration http://blog.rhino3d.com/2021/05/useful-resources-for-teaching-rhino.html

Sorry, @ooak. I closed the registration a little bit earlier yesterday to focus on the presentation. I’m sending you an email and don’t worry, we plan on doing more.

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Looking forward!

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Hello everyone,

Do you have score statistics obtained?
I passed my level 1 certification last night. :grinning:

Best regards.

Well done @beclaude.j ! Congratulations :clap:t4:

Your certificate mentions the % but, we keep it confidential.
However, feel free to ask other certified users by creating a new topic.

How did you find it? Was it too difficult? Any feedback is welcome.

Thank you:)
I’m just curious, but it doesn’t matter.
I completed an online training 15 days ago in France.
I found the test really good it is allows to refresh the memory.
I still have a passage that I would do in a few months to verify if I consolidate my training well.
Thanks for everything.

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