Rhino Certification

Hi fellow Rhino users,

I would like to know if there’s a Rhino certification. Apparently, Rhino certification only available in EMEA, North and Latin America region. Since I’m in Asia, will there any certification in Asia region?

Thank you

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@mary - can you weigh in?


Hi Fahad,
Thanks for asking.
See this page.
The North American certification testing is presented in English.

It will be respected in all regions, however if you are in EU, and want to test in Italian or French, there are language versions of the tests.

If you are in Central or Latin America, there are Spanish versions of the tests for this region.

There is no testing specific for our Asian region, however you may take the North American region testing. Again, it is only offered in English.

Let me know if you have additional questions.
Mary Ann Fugier

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Dear Mary,
Thank you for replying on this post.

Thank you Mary, I’ll be taking the North American region test sooner or later. I was hoping there’s an Asia region in my own language. But that’s okay, it’s not that big problem.