Rhino backup file

Hi Everyone,

When I work on a file, it creates two other files, a rhino backup Model file and RHL file. I think it has probably been always like that but I am working in a folder with different rhino files and eventhough there are not a lot files the fact that they multiply is starting to be a problem… any idea how to have less files?
Those files stays after closing the rhino file.
I work alternatively on mac and windows

Thanks in advance


The temp file and RHL should be automatically deleted when the Rhino that created them is closed. There should never be more than one backup file for each 3dm.
If that isn’t true then the rights for that folder are screwed up.

Rhino need full admin rights to any folder where files are being opened and edited.

It’s in a dropbox folder so that might be the reason.
However the backup file doesn’t disapear when I close the rhino file (even in a normal regular non dropbox folder), is it supposed to stay like that?

Hello- that is the default behavior - you can change this in Options > Files page.


Great, so I see in options> Files page that I can disable backup file (which is activated)
and File locking (which is activated).
will it save automatically my file regularly if I unselect the first one? and what is File locking?

Hi Paul - ssee