Rhino alias for drawing rectangle and othr chain of commands

Hi, I would like my rhino to use as sketchup. For example, in Sketchup, u can just choose R and draw it on a surface where it automaticallycreates a rectangular surface for you and it divides the surface for you too. However, since Rhino takes a lot of commands to make that happen, I would like to create aliases to make that happen. In order to make those happens, I am using planning to use these commands in order but after I have placed them on the alias, it doesn’t work. Can I know the alias for this chain of commands? Thanks!
Rectagle corner to corner
surface from planar curves
Set Object to c plane

Hello- possibly
`! Plane _Pause _Pause _SelLast _CPlane _Object _Rectangle Pause _Pause _Split _SelLast _Enter’

See also V8/WIP fore ‘PushPull’