Rhino Add New Ribbon Tab


could anyone show me how to add a tab to the Rhino Ribbon control please?

What is this? A screen capture may help - thanks.

– Dale

I think what we call Ribbon Control in WinForms/WPF is referred to as ToolBar in Rhino or perhaps it is a tool bar but looks like a ribbon control.

Then after posting the topic post i read i the doco that I can create this in Rhino itself and save it as RUI and then load it from my plugin.

please correct me if i am wrong…

Hi @reuben.alfred,

A ribbon control is what you see if you run a Microsoft Office application, or even AutoCAD. which are quite different than Rhino’s user-customizable toolbars. But yes, you can use Rhino to create these.

Here are a couple of toolbar-related guides you might find useful.

– Dale

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