Rhino 8 vs Rhino 7 Toolbar Groups Issue

Hello! So I am having an issue with hiding toolbars on the startup of rhino 8. In Rhino 7, to hide toolbars we would access the RhinoApp.ToolbarFiles property to obtain a list of toolbar files with the name of “default”, we would then attempt to access the groups and set the ToolbarGroup.Visible property to false in order to hide the toolbar. However; in Rhino 8, we are seeing no groups within the ToolbarFile property.

In Rhino 7, we had a file named default.rui which held all of the toolbar associated information with groups, and in Rhino 8 it seems to be embedded in the Rhino.UI .dll file, which is not necessarily the issue. When we access the in Rhino 7, we are given the following information:

GroupCount = 19
Id = {c7da84fc-2991-4824-832a-4f2509bd0ede}
Name = "default"
Path = "C:\\Users\\__user__\\AppData\\Roaming\\McNeel\\Rhinoceros\\7.0\\UI\\default.rui"
ToolbarCount = 116

In rhino 8, we are given the following information:

GroupCount = 0
Id = {c7da84fc-2991-4824-832a-4f2509bd0ede}
Name = "default"
Path = "Rhino.UI.Resources.rui.default.rui"
ToolbarCount = 121

When manually inspecting the default.rui file from Rhino 7, we can see nineteen tool_bar_group items defined with unique GUIDs which aligns with group count returned. When doing the same with the Rhino 8 default.rui file, we can see seven tool_bar_group items defined which does not reflect in the GroupCount property.

Because the Group Count is 0, I am unable to hide the group because it is non-existent. I am wondering if there was perhaps a new way to access toolbar groups / hide toolbars or if this was an issue created in Rhino 8.) property returned.

If you need any additional information, please let me know. Thank you!