Rhino 8 user object shows up in Rhino 7

Is there a way to keep a Rhino 8 user object from loading in Rhino 7?

In this case here it’s a user object for Query Model Objects which does not even exist in Rhino 7.

Couldn’t Appdata/Roaming/Grasshopper contain specific folders for each Rhino version installed much like Appdata/Roamin/McNeel/Rhinoceros?



Hi Martin -

I suppose there must be because I’m not seeing that Rhino tab in Grasshopper on Rhino 7:

Perhaps @AndyPayne knows what’s going on on your side?

Hi Wim, I saved the Query Model Objects with Preview off in the same category and sub.category as the original component.

Thanks for posting this Martin. The loading of the Rhino tab in Rhino 8 vs. the non-loading in Rhino 7 is not the same as loading user objects. They’re really two separate mechanisms. That said, it does make sense that user objects should be saved in a directory with the version number it was created on. I’ll check with the team to see how that might be achieved. In the meantime, I’ve created a YouTrack item for this.

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Thanks Andy

I’m pretty sure it’s not possible at the moment. A more consistent and version-robust way is needed to load all manner of additional content. Even the version-aware-plugin-loading is very much an afterthought right now.

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