Rhino 8 - Select all points on the border/edge/perimeter of a mesh

I import a lot of sculpted models that come in as intricate meshes. I use these meshes to skin surfaces in my rhino model. I usually MeshTrim to get the shape and size I need but these leaves bare edges that I want to select and pull into my surface to hide. Ideally, I’d like to select all points on the edge of the mesh trim and then Setpt to a specific coordinate to hide the edges.

Please let me know if there is a command I am missing or if you recommend a way of doing this - thank you!

Here is a screen grab of what I mean:

Hi Lila,

If your mesh is relatively clean, you can select the vertices on the open/naked edges with _SelNakedMeshEdgePt command. Hopefully that works.

Otherwise for more special cases, you can try the script below - it would select any mesh vertices on a user-defined curves, so you would need to extract the mesh border(s) first to use as the selection curves:
SelectMeshGripsByCurve.rvb (937 Bytes)



This worked great! Thanks so much Jarek!