Rhino 8 scripts

it seems that most of my rhino 7 scripts are not working in 8 ? the edit window says compile error ? what to do to get the scripts working am i missing something ?

Can you post a small sample? How are you running the scripts, via the new ScriptEditor?

wel even opening the edit script window now crashes rhino i would not know how to run the python script normal

Ouch. Not sure what’s going on there

You can call the old (IronPython 2.7 only) editor still with the EditPythonScript command.

The new Python 2, Python 3 and C# editor starts with the ScriptEditor command.

You are running the current 8.0.23255.13163, 2023-09-12 Beta?

some simple scripts do work but more complicated not
Add layer block.py (1.4 KB)
this one does not work as it should also , make a sublayer call it 1 and make it actual

latest download of 8 , what to do with this editors ?, ps rhino keeps crashing when opening editor

Yes, I see that it runs in V7 and in V8 EditPythonScript, but does not in V8 ScriptEditor
– it errors out at the line



I don’t know what that’s about yet…
Don’t know what’s crashing your Rhino either.


restarted all but opening the editor crashes rhino 8 , istn there a conversion program to convert the scripts to 8 ? , if not it is a really drawback as i use them often

As I said, you should be able to run them via the old script editor _EditPythonScript or run them with _RunPythonScript. The one you posted here works more or less.

Most V7 scripts will probably still run in V8, unless one of the individual methods used in the script has changed between versions. There may also be some minor adaptation necessary to change from Python 2 format to Python 3 format, that will depend on how the original scripts were written.

well i tried the _RunPythonScript and that seems to work for the scripts i have , i do nothing understand from v7 and v8 script editor i am not a programmer my friend is , , well thanks , for this i now have it working , but why is there no command like this ? as in v7 tools run pythonscript , ? only a script and run . confuses me

_RunPythonScript works in V8 as well…

why not a command in the list ? as normal


Thanks for reporting the crash. I got that fixed just now and should be available in next week’s build.

Remember you are opening the older python 2 files in the new editor that opens in Python 3 by default and there are differences between the two that might need adjustments to the scripts.

To use Python 2 (IronPython) either add #! python 2 to the top of your script, or renamed the file extension from .py to .py2

I seem to be running the Add layer block.py with no issues here in Python 3.

I know about the missing LayerTable.Find problem and will get that fixed:

RH-76154 rs. Parentlayer fails at LayertTable.Find in Scripteditor

Would you mind sending me the scripts that are crashing?

well with the command _RunPythonScript it works ok no script yet that crashed , rhino crashes when starting the editor i can send a script that is not working with the normal command is this usefull ?

Delete this file and start rhino again please. This might fix the crash on start


that file is not present there only rhinocedplugin.rhp

Can’t be right. %HOMEPATH% is your user directory. on my machine is expands to


drop %HOMEPATH%\.rhinocode in windows explorer address bar and hit enter. It will take you to the right folder

sorry in rhino 8 wip /plugins/ rhinocode directory there is nothing as that

wait found it

ok it does not crash anymore now

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