Rhino 8 ScriptEditor project - What to expect

Hi McNeel,

I have been following the progress of the new ScriptEditor with great interest. What I still haven’t worked out is what the various Project items in the File menu are supposed to do (Open, Create, Build&Publish).

No matter what I try, the Project items are always greyed out. So are they not implemented yet, or do I need to do something to make them active?

What I am hoping for is that eventually, I will be able to compile a CPython yak package that includes all dependencies, incl my own libraries (something that isn’t possible with the R7 RhinoScriptCompiler), but also all pip-installed external packages. Is this planned (or already implemented), or should I stop holding my breath?

Many thanks for clarifying this


Does really no-one have an answer to this? We are in WIP 8 feature freeze. Souldn’t this work?

Many thanks

@axa I’m still working on getting this implemented correctly. The menu items are gonna be disabled for a few more weeks until this is ready to publish.

You’d be able to create projects, add scripts as commands, and publish them as Rhino plugins.


@eirannejad thank you for confirming. I was hoping for this answer. Looking forward to giving this a try when it’s ready.


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