Rhino 8 Grasshopper Script Editor - Design Feedback

Here’s how it currently looks on macOS.

When you first open the editor, you get greeted by a weirdly empty window. I would prefer to have an empty text editor window, where you could already write in or something.

Or why not simply offer options to create a document or open what’s been recently worked on in a friendly manner here, instead of having to click on the new file icon first?

When you open a new script, say Python 3, a whole bunch of boilerplate code gets inserted.
I hope the template for this is editable, since deleting most of it every time you open a new script will get old quickly.

I would also prefer if the icon clutter could be reduced.

Are three save icons really necessary. I would hide the “save as” button "under the “save” button and make it revealable with CMD. I don’t know if a “save all documents” button is all that useful to be honest.

The three buttons concerning breakpoints and debugging could be hidden as long as there are no set breakpoints. Or simply put them into the lower collapsible Breakpoints tab.

I would also prefer if the side bar icons were removed. The side bar could be expanded and collapsed by clicking on its icons instead.

“Find and replace” would be better placed outside of the side bar on top or below the script editor or even as a pop-up window. Users that don’t want to use the sidebar features would not have to pop it up and close it when done.
It would also be great if you could cycle through search result that yield more than one hit. Other programs let you hit for instance Enter while still being in the search box to go through the results.

Like Anders, I would prefer to move the side bar icons to the lower section of the window.

The new script editor is obviously a big improvement over the existing one, especially on macOS.
The above mentioned points are meant as friendly, subjective, possible improvements.

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RH-77729 Allow support for compact dashboard

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In the next BETA build, you will have options to compact the editor in various ways. We will continue to improve these options of course but this is the first step:

When all options are compacted, the editor is pretty minimal looking:

:warning: Currently the compact options are only available in Grasshopper editor


This is wild. I can’t believe how quickly you managed to do all this! Thanks so much for listening. Really looking forward to trying it out :clap:


Anytime. You all help me get this editor as good and then better than the old one :smiley:

I also made this for @Alain so he can investigate and see if we can minimize the line number column width as well:

RH-77759 Minimize the amount of space taken by the line numbers + breakpoint column


Awesome! Looking forward to trying this out!

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Ok @alain adjusted the line number column width as well


I also adjusted the options naming so they read better



Hi @eirannejad, it’s really great to see all the new features and edits in the last beta update! I’ll report back with feedback when I get a chance, but for now I found a higher priority functional issue. Basically, the same one I reported back here when GHPython was updated for Rhino 6, where printing to the terminal is much slower than in GHPython and eventually will become unresponsive:

Here’s a quick side-by-side, where GHPython allows one to print a million integers and the new script editor already lags at 100 and becomes unresponsive at 10000:

Just one more functional issue for now @eirannejad: While trying to work around the font issues raised in my original post above (e.g. how text now renders less legible and that keywords are not bold) I noticed that one cannot set font variations in the new editor. For instance, in GHPython one can select Cascadia Code Light and the editor uses this font, while the new editor does not enable this:

Also again note the font size discrepancy, where a size 9 in the old editor looks like 12 in the new one.

Ok thanks. I added this YT

RH-78080 Font variations does not work in new script editor

Cheers Ehsan, did you see this one too. That seems like a high priority concern in terms of usability:

And say hi to Ahmad if you see him again at AEC Tech :partying_face:

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Oh thanks. Ya I met Ahmad and chatted a bunch. He was also at the scripting workshop so we got to hang out even more

RH-78093 Printing to “Terminal” in editor is slow

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No worries, getting some real scripting-FOMO over here :wink:

Regarding these last two issues. It might help, and certainly would be great, if we could set the terminal font/size along with the editor font. I’ve always quite liked how Sublime Text handles this (i.e. it just uses the same font/size), though I can certainly see why one would want to use different fonts. Here’s me Ctrl + mouse wheeling in Sublime Text, you might also see where my minimal preference comes from here:

Hi again @eirannejad, apologies for piling on: In terms of visual design, the borders between the editor windows are currently blue tinted and of different stroke sizes. With the two main dividers being quite thick (for my taste at least):

It would be nice to follow a design aesthetic more similar to the Mac version screenshots posted by @diff-arch above on Windows as well. Something like this maybe (where I also made the Terminal bar grey, similar to the Problems and Breakpoints bars):

Or better yet, using the grey GHPython background color style and going more minimal. Which focuses ones attention (or mine at least) primarily on the text editor window better:

I tried using the script editor with Rhino in dark mode and it certainly currently feels more at home there (the syntax color scheme especially). So I can see why these small tweaks probably wouldn’t seem super obvious if one is mainly running dark mode.




Ya makes sense. The left and bottom panels are white because it needed custom WPF styling in the code and I decided not to do that for code simplicity. It could be done though. I’ll see if I can make it happen in a pure Eto manner.

For Reference: RH-78219 Script Editor colors, borders, and splitter widths


I am missing the help output while typing round brackets in the new Script Editor. Is this not implemented or do I have to press a special keyboard key?

In the old Python Script Editor the help text pops up right away, while typing, see below:

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I am trying to upgrade our inhouse tools to Rhino 8.
Whithin Rhino 7 I used the “Compile…” option within the Python Script Editor, see below.

Where do I find this option within the new Rhino 8 Grasshopper Script Editor? Is this implemented?

There’s a Script instance template that is equivalent to SDK Mode. I don’t think compiling is available yet:

Note that you can still use GHPython in Rhino 8, while the new script editor gets functional parity:

I’d probably still argue that hiding it was/is premature, especially now that Rhino 8 is out of Beta.

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Thank you for the hint. I already started copying old components to get the old editor;-)

You can also start in procedural script mode and convert it once using the menu, see screenshot below. This is one way. Afterwards, you cannot go back.

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Found a minor regression: The new editor does not allow one to remove the out parameter via ZUI: