Rhino 8 GH Components : GhPython Script vs. GhPython Script (Legacy)

Does anyone know the differences between these two components? My main concerns are when trying to automate writing old user objects which type should we use?


Differences Noted:

  1. In the Legacy component the Type Hint GUI menu for a decimal number is listed as double instead of float ( but the type hint still evaluates to double for both component types)
  2. The Legacy component users cannot add (+) or remove (-) parameters.
  3. Legacy component has a different component GUID which might affect users trying to upgrade old ghpython userobjects. Is it correct to assume that if we’ve authored previous ghpython components in Rhino 7 then the component GUID would be the the (Legacy) component?

The one marked (Legacy) is very very old. I would avoid that at all costs :smiley: If it does anything you are interested in let me know and I will incorporate in the new component

There’s a bit more information and a Youtrack on this topic over here:


All the really really old ones are marked with (Legacy) in their name (both GHPython and C#)